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My Gear

This is a short list of the gear I own and can bring onto jobs. Gear rates are negotiable.

TvLogic 5.5" Monitor

Model: VFM-058W

TvLogic Kit Includes:

-2 Onboard Batteries with Charger

-Noga Arm

-P-tap power cables

-2-pin Lemo Power Cables

-BNC Cables


Timothy W Shumaker | Tv Logic 5.5" Monitor

Camera Cart

Model: Yaeger Jr.

Camera Cart Kit Includes:
-Tripod Hooks

-Camera Mounting Plate

-Ronford Baker Quick Release Plate (RBQ) with Dovetail

-Ratchet Straps

Timothy W Shumaker | Yaeger Jr. Camera Cart

Kessler Modular Slider

Model: ShuttlerPod Mini

Full Kit. Can be build up to 10' long. Includes: 100mm ball mount, a 4' rail segment, three 2' rail segments (combined for a total of 10') All necessary bracketry, Tabletop Feet, Baby-pin receivers for stands, and an Oracle motion control Kit for slider.

Timothy W Shumaker | Kessler Shuttlepod Mini

Kessler Second Shooter

Motion Control Pan/ Tilt/ Slider

The Second Shooter kit is a digital motion control Pan/Tilt Head and slider motor. It can be programed for complex camera moves (with up to 3 Keyframes) that can be repeated with great precision. Unit can also function as an intervalometer for select cameras for motion control time lapse photography.

Timothy W Shumaker | Kessler Second Shooter Plus

Canon 24-70mm Zoom Lens

Model:  Canon L-Series (Mark I)

Lens Specs:

-Front Diameter: 77mm

-Minimum Focus: 1' 3"

-Includes Zip Gear

Timothy W Shumaker | Canon 24-70mm f/2.8

Redrock Handheld Rig

Model:  Eyespy Deluxe

Kit Includes:
-15mm LW Camera Mount

-Shoulder pad

-Front Handgrips

-Camera offset Bracket

-Follow Focus

-5lb Counter Balance Weight

-18" 15mm carbon fiber rods (pair)

-9" 15mm Carbon Fiber rods (pair)

Timothy W Shumaker | Redrock Eyespy Deluxe shoulder rig
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