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About Me

     I am a Camera Assistant based out of Los Angeles and Ohio and I work locally, both in the Midwest, as well as in Southern California. My experience covers a wide variety of projects including commercials, documentaries, and narrative films. I deeply enjoy both the technical and artistic aspects of my work and have extensive experience with many different cinema cameras and accessories. Prior to working as a Camera Assistant, I worked for over 6 years as a Camera Prep Tech in various camera rental houses including AbelCine. This combined experience gives me a unique understanding of cinema cameras and accessories.

    When I am not working I am usually found doing something adventurous outside. I love hiking, camping, backpacking, off-roading, or whatever new experience comes my way. I am passionate about Timelapse Photography and find it extremely interesting and relaxing. I love being able to capture the 4th dimensional change in a landscape, knowing there is a particular beauty you can't capture in any other format. Often I hike to remote places, packing my timelapse gear, to capture the stunning beauty of a particular landscape. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to collaborate on your next project. I am more than willing to travel where ever is needed. I look forward to embarking on your next film adventure together.

Timothy W Shumaker | Camera Assistant
Timothy W Shumaker | Camera Assistant
Timothy W Shumaker | Camera Assistant

Camera Expertise


Alexa LF | Alexa SXT | Alexa Mini | Amira


Monstro | All DSMC2 Cameras | One MX


Venice | F5/55 | F65 | FS-7 | FS-700 | FS-5 | A7S (Mark I & II) |

A7R (Mark I & II) 


C700 | C500 | C300 (Mark I & II) | 5D (All models) | 7D (All Models)


URSA | URSA Mini | Pocket Camera


Varicam 35 | EVA-1

VRI/ Phantom High Speed Cameras

Phantom Flex | Flex 4k | Phantom Miro

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